Sk8shades are handmade from upcycled skateboards collected throughout South Africa.

Founded in 2012 as a result of a broken pair of sunglasses, a passion for recycling and having more time than money.

Dave de Witt's VZ's finally fell apart after years of abuse on job sites around the country, building everything from skateparks to floating wall units and replacing rotten floors and windows, they had seen a lot of action.  While waiting for quotes to be approved on various jobs, he set about to make a pair of wooden sunglasses on a chilly Friday morning in June 2012. A drill, jigsaw and belt sander went to work on an off-cut piece of a used skateboard, leftover from making a set of vases. Hinges were removed from a pair of his mom's old reading glasses and the lenses from his trusted VZ's were trimmed to fit and glued in place. Rough and rugged, they were no masterpiece, but they gathered some interest and Dave went in search of more used skateboards.


Fast forward to 2018, Each unique pair of Sk8shades is standard with UV400 Polarized lenses which pass American, European and Australian lens standards. German spring hinges enhance durability of the 3 ply cross laminated construction and they are available in a variety of finishes as detailed below.

Layered: Alternating layers of colour, as seen when viewing a skateboard from the side.

Clean: Single or multiple colours, as seen when viewing a skateboard from above (without griptape).

Dirty: Multiple colours and texture, as seen when viewing the bottom of a used skateboard.

Combi: A combination of any of the above finishes.

6 different styles are available and custom designs can easily be made.